João Pereira

Yup, thats my name. However, people often have a hard time to pronounce my name properly, so they just go with "Jao", "Joe", "Jay" or, more recently, "Joel" - I will go by any of those. No sweat.

Anyway, I’m a graphic designer born and raised in Lisbon and based in London since 2012, when I decided to take a MA degree on Graphic Design at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

I have more than 7 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and I like to work on multidisciplinary projects. I’m passionate about branding, information design, icons and pictograms. I can code a bit of HTML & CSS and I can work on motion graphics too and I'm currently working for a Sports Betting Company that operates in over 20 countries in Africa.

I also like espresso coffee, travelling, taking pictures, to cook and eat nice food, bicycles & motorbikes and I’m a mad S.L.Benfica fan.

I'm available for new projects and freelance collaborations, so drop a line if you like what you see here.

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